New Interworx Dimension theme

I just thought I would iclude a pic of how to download from theme section, but you expand the theme, and towards the top, you will see a downward arrow, click this download arrow
Thanks to Nathan for letting me know
Many thanks

Look this very beaut?ul. Its work perfect

Very Cooool - looks very clean and professional

This theme is so neat! I love it! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Fits in with idevices as well.

Hi bestellen

Many thanks

Please could I ask what idevices are sorry

Many thanks


Looks great but wondering if it’s responsive?

Any new themes ?

Hi Interira

you could always have make a new theme if you wanted, and share with forum.

Many thanks


Hi mahantsinha

Welcome to IW forums

If you are the IW-CP administrator then yes. As an admin you can turn on theme changes/uploading or set a particular theme to use

Many thanks



NICE work.

Take some time when you have a moment, and tell me some of the pitfalls you had with the theming system.

I’ve been slowly working with the developers to make theming easier, and anything you have to say will be noted.