New Mailbox creation does not make Trash folder

We’ve received confirmed user reports lately that new mailboxes do not work with the current version of RoundCube when deleting mail. RoundCube replies with an error, that it cannot move the message. It doesn’t say “to the Trash folder” but that is in fact the problem. When a Trash folder is manually created, everything works fine.

This is either an issue of RoundCube not automatically creating the Trash folder or that InterWorx is no longer creating the Trash folder. I’m really not sure which package is at fault.

Hi Jimp

I hope you don’t mind, but I have tested this, and I am not seeing the issue, perhaps because the trash folder is present after a new email account has been setup.

The roundcube version is webmail 0.8.6, and our IW-CP is 5.0.14, on Centos 6.5 64 bit.

I just created a new email account, and logged into roundcube and the deleted items folder was present, sent an email back to myself, and deleted it, no issues, and email was present in deleted items folder.

Have I missed anything sorry, and I would consider roundcube creates the deleted items folder, not IW.

I hope this helps a little

Many thanks