New MySQL Passwords?

Hi all,

Wanted to experiment with PyroCMS on the server, however it requires that MySQL use the new style of passwords:

Problem connecting to or creating the database: mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using the old insecure authentication. Please use an administration tool to reset your password with the command SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD(‘your_existing_password’). This will store a new, and more secure, hash value in mysql.user. If this user is used in other scripts executed by PHP 5.2 or earlier you might need to remove the old-passwords flag from your my.cnf file

Is there anyway to have the new passwords and keep IW happy?

Nathan from IW support told me:

It looks like old-passwords=1 is commented out of your /etc/my.cnf file. Is there a reason for this change? InterWorx at this time requires this setting, but this will no longer be a restriction with InterWorx 5.1

Or can I upgrade to 5.1?



You can change the update channel to the beta. The last beta I used was stable, but I can’t tell anything about the current beta because I didn’t installed it.

How easy is it to switch back to stable if need be?

I don’t know, I never do that. When I tried the beta version it was stable to use it. I don’t know if it is possible to switch back.

Hi katronix

Please do not use beta on production servers. It is beta for testing and there maybe unknown bugs

Once you have upgraded to beta, you cannot downgrade or reverse to a stable version. If you needed to then use stable version, you would have to fully reload the server.

I have posted previously over running MySQL with new hash password and retain old hash password for IW, if you want to do a search, but very quickly, uncomment the old password and set it to 0 restart MySQL, rehash your pyrocms password, then reverse the old password back to 1 and restart MySQL or leave as set. If leaving set to 0, do not rehash IW password.

Many thanks


Please do not use beta on production servers. It is beta for testing and there maybe unknown bugs[/QUOTE]

It’s totally right! I forgot to mention. But I never find any hidden bug while using beta or I was maybe lucky :slight_smile:

John, did you install the last beta?

I suppose that using a remote MySQL server could also work…

Hi dss

Sorry, no I have not.

My intention is to leave our test server running 5.0.18, so we can see how the upgrade goes, and help to determine if any of our sites on production servers will be affected.

Also, we have allowed a developer to use the test server for development of a new billing/provisioning system.

The introduction of a seperate MySQL server would work, but as I am not aware of how much resource katronix has, it maybe work out expensive but would help a lot if katronix had heavy usage.

Many thanks


Fortunately I have a separate server already which isn’t doing much of anything, so configuring it to be an external mysql server was a piece of cake.

I also found a work around which I talked about here: