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Good Morning,

I currently am using cPanel. I am looking into switching web panels and have a few questions.

Can Laravel be installed on a siteworx account. This means that I would possibly need to customize the document root for some interworx accounts. Is this possible?

Would I be able to install globally: Composer, Nodejs, GIT, and Supervisor on an interworx account. Also, what MySQL, Mariadb do you currently support.

Thank you for your help


In verson 7 we recently switched to a template managed system for apache. The template system should allow for changes to the docroot, we currently only have the docs in the templates themselves though and no specific instructions for this. Its something I’ve wanted to look at. I see what I can do today or over the weekend.

Composer will work fine on a IW server. So you will be able to install laravel, just make sure you install in within the home directory of a siteworx account.

I don’t see a problem with any of your other requirements just keep in mind we are not experts on all those systems.

IW will work with most current mysql \ mariadb versions, it will install the system supported version for the centos version your using, centos 7 is mariadb 10.2. Although there needs to be some changes to accommodate mysql 8 and mariadb likely 10.4 so avoid those for now. Just install IW then upgrade the mysql or mariadb version to the one you want.

Other notes:

You can get 3 months free on your first license purchase. Plenty of time to try things out. Or we can provide a shorter term trail license.

If you run into issues we can try to help you here and or open a ticket.

If needed we will involve devs.

We will soon be releasing a vps license that will be $7.50 \ mon. It will work on instances with 4 vcpus \ threads or less.


Thank you for your interest in InterWorx!

As an addition to what Joe stated, since he totally beat me to a response while I was typing (:slight_smile:)–if you’d like to do some testing, we can provide you with a demo key. They’re generally provisioned for two weeks, though you can request up to four, and it is a full license, just one that expires. :slight_smile:

You can request a demo here:

They’re provided manually during business hours, so that any questions that a customer might have can be answered, so just a note, it may take up to 24 hours or so, if you request one after 4ish.


This sounds promising. I understand that you are not experts. That is a lot of stuff to know and it would be unrealistic of me to think otherwise. This is all good news and makes IW a candidate for testing, Plus response time is amazing!

Hi Jenna,
Thank you for the fast reply. Other forums its difficult to get anyone to respond let alone two at the same time! Impressive indeed.
As soon as I am confident I can block off enough time to get all of the testing done that I need I will get a test license.

Thank you!

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I have a question on pricing. If I wanted a second nodeworx server just for DNS, how that work. Is that an extra $20 dollars a month?


You ask for a 1 user licence which is free and this is used for DNS clustering

You can only have 1 domain on it

Many thanks



What John said ^ :slight_smile:

We offer free single domain licenses that can be used for DNS. Just submit a ticket to and let us know how many you need, and we can provision them for you.

Here is information on how to set up DNS Syncing with InterWorx:

One thing to keep in mind–since the license is only for a single domain, the only records that you will see in the control panel on that server will be for the nameserver domain/SiteWorx account that you set up on that server.

So if your nameserver domain is, the only records you will see in NodeWorx under System Services > DNS Server > Zones will be

To check to make sure that your accounts are syncing properly, you would just do:


Great! Thanks John!.

Thanks for the info Jenna!