New site I made - When Will Apple...?

The Site:

It’s basically a site that you can pick a date for when you think different apple products will be released and it automatically updates this nice looking chart. Hopefully after more people sign up the chart will look a bit cooler.

It’s still a work in progress, but wanted to get it live before the iPhone was released :slight_smile:

Anyway check it out if you have a second and let me know what you think.


Well its June and I’m still waiting for the new iPhone to come out.
Finally got some votes on the site and a lot of people think it will be coming out on the 9th, but I have a feeling it will just be announced on the 9th, but not actually come out until a week or 2 after that.

Would be nice to be able to check my servers while im out having a beer!

I’m too clumsy for an expensive phone. Especially one with glass on it.

Paul, check this video out

iPhone Torture Tests – Will it Survive?

I’m just sayin…|medium|large|xlarge

“New Guy Tim” (IWorx-Tim-Pgh) had one break on him after just a couple weeks, and it only fell about a foot or less. Luckily Apple replaced it for him - but he saw another come in to the apple store while he was waiting as well :frowning:

Actually, my friend has one and he dropped it. Didn’t do much damage to the phone, but it happen to land on the power button so he couldn’t turn it on, haha!

He was able to get another one for free I think even though they say they don’t cover physical damage like that.

Oh “New Guy Tim”, I was wondering why Tim would make another account.

Just wanted to let any apple fans on these forums know that you know have the chance to win a prize by guessing the correct date of a release. We are only giving away one prize per poll so if more than one person pick the correct date we will just pick someone out of that group at random.

Current Polls:
Snow Leopard -
Macbook Refresh -
Mophie Juice Pack 3g -
2.1 iPhone firmware -