New site on SiteWorx

Good day,
I’m am new to web development and have never used SiteWorx before. How come my home page won’t update onto the site. The test page is the only page that appears.

Hi freedom

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You have not stated what IW-CP version you are using

I guess your site would be php and you have not stated if you are the server admin

If so and it’s php, I would think you have left the IW default holding page test page in html folder

Either rename to index.htm2 or delete - download a backup copy first if deleting

Refresh your browser fully

If this then works, in apache php needs to be first and not html

Many thanks


Hi there,
Thank you for your help. I am not using the CP, but Softaculous.

I am also not sure about the PHP. Yes I am the site admin.


By Server Administrator, John was referring to the NodeWorx user–someone who has access to the server-admin side of the control panel, and access to the server at the command line as root.

It sounds like you may be a SiteWorx user–someone who has access to the domain-admin side of the control panel, for their domain.

When he said IW-CP, he meant “InterWorx Control Panel”. So basically, what version of the InterWorx software are you using. So I am a bit uncertain what you mean by " I am not using the CP, but Softaculous".

From what you’ve stated, I think you may need to reach out to your hosting provider for assistance. They will have direct access to the server, and have information as to how your account is set up, and remove the default test page for you.

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Mananger