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Hello, Im considering purchasing a license for Interworx on a new server. I would like to use Centos 7
Is Centos 7 fully supported? Also would like to use Nginx web server.

Hi megal

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My understanding is that IW for centos 7 is not production ready.

I am also unclear if it has fully reached release candidate stage, as some users are reporting, but I’m sure there correct as they are using it now. I personally as yet have not tried sorry.

I also believe nginx is meant to a part of IW, if you read the post for centos 7, but I thought this was to be included in IW5.1, but it is not showing.

You maybe best adviced to open a support ticket as I’m sure you’ll receive a more definitive answer. and click support

However, that said, you could always use centos 6.6 and upgrade when it is production ready, though I do realise this depends upon your resources for servers.

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


Thanks for replying John, much appreciated.