News & Announcements Subscribe?

I’d like to subscribe to the News & Announcements Forum, but when I try to do so, I get an error that says:

Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page.

Are Forum-level subscriptions disabled, or is it just my new account?

Hi Linux4me

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That’s a good question which I have never thought about or wanted to do myself

I think after testing, you cannot subscribe to channels but you can subscribe to threads (in any channel), and by replying or starting a thread, you are automatically subscribed.

I checked your subscriptions (as any logged in user can by clicking on their name) and you are shown as been subscribed to 3 threads.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the quick response. It’s good to know it’s not just me.

It would be very nice to be able to subscribe to the News & Announcements channel/Forum itself. I know allowing Forum subscriptions can lead to a lot of outgoing emails for a busy Forum, but the News & Announcements doesn’t seem like it would receive that many posts, and you can lock it down to prevent replies from regular users, which controls the number of outgoing posts.

Just a suggestion.

Hi Linux4me

Many thanks

I think the forums are not busy as mostly IW just works, but this may change and become more busier moving forward as newer users have questions

Also, I am in the UK which works well for giving better coverage between USA and UK time zones, as IW-Jenna does read the forums and if there is a post which needs bringing to IW attention, I do let IW know

Many thanks and stay safe


Its actually very rare to get a news announcement in the News & Announcements forum.
At one time there use to be announcements of new Interworx versions or new options being added or future additions in the pipe line.
I always found interesting to read and was good to be informed or what’s going on etc. It also prompted other members/users to discuss or make further suggestions.
We have the development channel I know but it would be good to post here also.

Where/what is the development channel?


I’m looking into if it’s possible to enable subscriptions in the backend, but I have not had much luck.

I’m not sure what bear is referring to in regards to a development channel, as that is not something we have available on the forums. You can keep an eye out for new features and bug reports here, though:

Keeping news and announcements topic updated more regularly is on the priority list, however, we just haven’t really had any huge major changes that would warrant a post there in some time–no major version releases or anything. That’s not to say that InterWorx has been stagnant by any means. We have a rolling development cycle, which a new version being updated to General Release usually every two weeks or so. So there are lot of changes and updates being made regularly, it’s just mostly been kept to the version notes on the website because its two or three new features and updates every few weeks, vs 20+ new features all at one time in a major release, and making a forum post for each one would basically be spamming that page.

We do have some cool big things on the horizon, such as Cloud Linux support, an entire GUI overhaul, etc. Those are the kinds of updates that will be updated to that section in the forum when they are live. For everything else, we recommend just checking the version history page linked above.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks @IWorx-Jenna that makes sense. I haven’t used vBulletin, so I can’t help you with the subscriptions part. It seems like it’s a user permissions issue since the “Subscribe” button is there but it gives me a permissions error when I click it.

I’m researching Interworx prior to migrating a CentOS 6/WHM/cPanel server to Interworx, so I have lots of questions, but I’ll post them in separate threads.

Just because, while I do check the forum and John lets me know about interesting questions, sometimes things end up in the cracks, here, you may want to ask any pre-sales or technical questions you might have in a ticket submitted at We are guaranteed to see them, there, and I can provide you with some demo keys in a ticket, as well, if you’d like to spin up a VM to do some testing. :slight_smile:

@IWorx-Jenna I have taken your advice and submitted a support ticket with my first question. Thanks for taking the time to suggest it. I’ve been using the demos of Nodeworx and Siteworx on the main site. :slight_smile:

sorry yes I did mean here my browser favourites take me here

Hi Bear

Sorry my browser takes me to correct url

Have you tried deleting that favourite and then adding it back again, or flush your browser cache

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yes all good now


Yeah, that was the link prior to the whole site redesign back in, I think, August. So if you have had it bookmarked for awhile, that makes sense. :slight_smile: