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Hi all,

Is it normal that I can’t see any threads in “News & Announcements”? Just one sticky, nothing else…?!?

I just got back from a little time out and today I realized, that we are now at IW version 6.04. 6? rly? wtf? Why is/was there no big news, no party, nothing? Why 6 and not 5.2? I mean, MultiPHP is awesome but I am still suprised about the jump.
And I am surprised about the stealthy way this update happened.

Or is there someplace else where you all read about this and I am missing all the fun?



Hi Michael

I hope all’a well with you

Party! V6.0.4! Haha I think I missed it as well sorry.

I’m not sure if there is another public place for announcements sorry. If there is, I don’t know about it but then I only really use the forums.

I know there is the idea page on main website, so it maybe shown in ideas perhaps.

I did email IW yesterday over an issue I have on one production server. However, this issue is not strictly an IW issue, but those guys rock and hope a fresh pair of eyes may help.

I mentioned at the same time over announcement of multiphp.

Many thanks


I remember all the excitement before 5 or 5.1 and now there’s version 6 and … nothing? Curious…

But about the News & Announcement forum, is that it?

It shows 144 threads here:

There’s only one thread here:

I officially considered IW dead as of the beginning of the year. Not a peep out of them other than an occasional blog post. I believe they are now in maintenance mode and milking their existing business as long as they can. I will be working to migrate what little I had put on the platform off in the coming months. While I like to support the small guy, I have had it with their lack of listening to their customers, a product that has essentially stalled and daemons that are EOL/EOS. The biggest feature of IW is their clustering. But, they never brought out HA clustering like they claimed 2-3 years ago. In many ways the control panel is like being stuck in the 90s when everyone else is in 2020.

I have given up hope. I think they’ve become complacent. Complacency results in losing ground.

I wish you all the best of luck with continued use of IW. I just don’t see it going the direction I would like and therefore need to let it go to pasture.

Hi Omaticon
Many thanks and sorry to hear that.
The reality of EOL/EOLs, is not fully true sorry. As an example, Curl can be updated to latest version, SuPHP has been dropped and replaced by PHP-FPM, Apache 2.4 if using Centos 7, PHP multi versions (v5 to latest v7), ioncube upto latest versions can be installed, latest version MYSQL can be installed, latest version of ClamAV, Latest version of Soap etc…
Also, just this morning, there were RC updates v6.07 (bug fixes to last RC update V6.06), Beta is running, which provides good feedback so RC is usually good.
I understand over HA clustering, and I do not know why this was not brought to market. I can tell you I was a Beta tester on HA, and it worked lovely. However, it was around the time of Centos 7 just coming out, whereas HA was on Centos 6.
FYI though, I do not work for IW and do not received any incentives for anything I do on the forum.
I know a little while ago, IW moved to an ideas page on main IW website, but I prefer forum and do not regulary check ideas page but some from Ideas page have made their way into IW-CP.
I myself do not believe IW is dead, or milking anyone, development work is ongoing, they have one of the best support I have seen, so to me, this does not seem the case
Many thanks

Hey mdeinhardt,

It looks like you need to be logged in to see the other posts in News & Announcements. I’m going to look into correcting that.

InterWorx 6.0 primarily marks the end of CentOS 5 support. The major feature in this release is multiple php support. Since the release of 5.1 we’ve also moved to a rapid(weekly) release cycle as features and bug fixes complete they are released. That means major version releases won’t be a large as in the past.

That being said we’re really excited to bring multiple php support to InterWorx along with the things John brought up, though we could do a better job communicating here on the forums, we have announced 6.0 on our facebook page and we post weekly changelog at and I’ll make sure that those announcements are also made here.



Hi Nathan,

but I am logged in?!? Or did I get you wrong? Today I only see your post from yesterday and the sticky I am always seeing:

After omaticons post I looked around a little bit and did see, that IW is indeed actively posting on Facbook (but nowhere else). For me as a privacy advocate and somebody who avoids Facebook like the plague, that’s as public as if you would hang up little Post-Its in your office :wink:
(on the same not you should free your Ideas section from that social media bondage)

But seriously, I take a company that actively develops and offers great support any time over a company that puts most it’s ressources into praising and selling it’s stuff via all online channels. And those companies ALWAYS close their forums to shut their customers up.
So I don’t agree with omaticon at all, apart from the fact that you guys really should improve your communications strategy a tiny bit :wink:


Hi Michael

I hope your well

Well said and I do not have any social media accounts.

I understand a lot of people do, and is used for single sign on, or could potentially be used for single sign on, there is too many been hacked.

Here in the uk, some major players have been, talktalk, Sony, LinkedIn - even Facebook I believe and don’t get me started on nhs haha

It would be lovely though if the announcements were also mirrored here on the forums, as Nathan said

Many thanks and my rant over


Omaticon, Sorry to hear that!

We work regularly with the evil Pl**sk and (to us) the even more evil cP*** and to be frank, the Interworx support is by far the best. We have a 22 year hosting track-record, have been using interworx for 8+ years, and have never had a ticket go unanswered for more than a few hours.

The one thing that I do hate is the Themes. Frankly the current default theme is so late 1990’s that it makes my eyes hurt. We have had hundreds of our customers demand that the default them never be used on their site for any reason.

Interworx needs to hire a designer, take a look at the evil Pl**sk and take a hint on modern UI.

The best Interworx Theme is and has always been Cool Freshness - and with multiple hundreds of users praising it (except for the sickly blue) it is our go-to. Modernize that theme with a nice flat-look and wow, it would be amazing.

As for the HA - this has been promised for so many years that we have given up on the hope that it will ever be released.

None-the-less, We plan to continue using IW for our CMSdefender Joomla hosting as long as the product is maintained. Don’t give up on IW!


Hi matt

Funny you should say cool fresh as most used theme. We use the same theme

Many thanks