no bandwidth stats... non standard server name

I manually modified my individual ServerName settings to use instead of… for compatibility with SSL among other reasons… I’m noticing that the bandwidth statistics are not being updated and I wonder if it’s because of the ServerName change… if so, is there something, somewhere that I can modify to make the stats get picked up or tracked for the new servernames? If that’s not a possible reason, then any ideas?


A little more investigation reveals that the bandwidth stats are not generated UNLESS I set my ServerName to… if I use then they won’t work… I’m assuming that’s the reason for this entry in iworx.log:

Jul 03 22:00:04 bandwidth.php [error] no such file:

Any chance of making bandwidth.php ‘smarter’, so that it can look at the actual ServerNames and calculate bandwidth based on that… I looked at watch-table and it seems like it should be possible…


Hi Cliff,

We’ll see how easy this is, but no promises yet :).

It is “ok” as far as I know for the ServerName to to not match the name attached to the SSL certificate. You do get that warning from apache as you mentioned, but as far I know that isn’t a critical warning and doesn’t hurt anything.

Another way around this would be to create the account in the first place as “” rather than “”. This would fix both the SSL and bandwidth issues at once. You’d probably have to add as a pointer domain to to make work in that case.


I found a solution that works for me… simply keep the server name (inside the same as Interworx default, ie,… and then change the SSL server name to… this solves 99% of my problems as I have bandwidth stats now and Apache doesn’t complain about server name and cert mismatches. The only problem is that SSL bandwidth stats aren’t monitored (not a big deal for me) and I have to manually edit the file (no biggy)…

Thanks for all of your assistance. I’m presently a happy camper… now, on to dealing with spam…