No such file or directory

I have installed Interworx using Centos 7, but when I access to below directory for entering a licence I’m getting ‘No such file or directory’ error. Please help me on this.

[[email protected] /]# /home/interworx/bin/goiworx.pex
bash: /home/interworx/bin/goiworx.pex: No such file or directory

Hi kiran

Many thanks and just a couple of questions

Are you trying to install using Doppler

Is your server a vps or dedicated - if vps, what are you using i.e. KVM etc

Were there any errors on IW install

If you ssh into server, does the directory and file exist - if so, what are the permissions and access rights

As this is a fresh install, have you tried fully reinstalling centos 7 and then IW

If you need this running quickly, I would open a support ticket with your license provider

Many thanks


Depending on how you set up Centos, you might need to use /chroot/home/interworx/bin or better yet go to /usr/local/interworx/bin and then call ./goiworx.pex
Just a thought…

Sounds like a dns resolution problem…