Come on then guys, whats the scoop with NocWorx? :wink:

For those of us UK based who wont be at HostingCon, can you enlighten us as to in what form NocWorx is making a return?

:smiley: Cheers

Bah :stuck_out_tongue:

HostingCon has been and gone now - did anyone go and speak to the NocWorx guys and see what it was all about?

Paul, Chris, Tim. Anything? :smiley:

Sorry to say this! (and the following may be incorrect)

I think Paul is the only guy who remains (and probably the owner of iworx/nexcess now?). Chris should have handed over the company to paul and left without saying a bye bye to us. IWorx-Tim would have left the moment another Tim came on the forums, but that Tim too gone now I guess.

If things go like this, all iworx loving customers would have to move to cpanel (or other bad ones), though I guess one user called “Justec” would continue to be with iworx until it’s last moment. :slight_smile:

Come on Paul, take action immediately.

It’s hardly as dramatic as all that Tiger :). The last few months have been transitional as we moved our main development office and hired some new folks, one of which is IWorx-Tim-Pgh in the forums. The other new guys (Mark and Chad) haven’t had a need for forum accounts yet, but I’m sure they’ll show up as the need arises We wouldn’t do anything to force anyone to cpanel, we aren’t that mean ;). IWorx-Chris is still very much around, if not on the forums lately. In fact, he’s been very busy with NocWorx development as of late.

To answer your questions re: NocWorx, here’s some text from the HostingCon brochure:

NOCWorx - Control your datacenter

NOCWorx is a web-based management suite for hosting businesses which providses an end-to-end solution for automating your operation.

  • Order - Integrates with your website
  • Provision - Tracks pools of used and unused servers and resources
  • Install - provides unattended OS installations
  • Bill - Charge accounts including bandwidth overages
  • Track - Allows you to track clients, hardware and software assets
  • Monitor - Let clients track their server's health and uptime


Don’t push me out Tiger!! I’d say bye bye if I was gone but I’m still in the loop!

Regarding NOCWorx - it’s coming along well. I’ll explain it briefly here but we’re a good 4 months away from an “official” release so features to change etc.

NOCWorx is a colo, dedicated server and VPS billing and infrastructure management system. It bills and manages clients, talks to your hardware infrastructure (switches, power-switches, servers) to do things like meter overage and trigger events as well as higher level functions like full OS installs at the push of a button. NOCWorx’s goal is total automation of the above and we’ve got a lot done and working in both live and test environments. Our site will be online in the next month or so and we’re shooting for a Christmas-ish release.

If you have specific questions you can e-mail me at clwells |=at=|


Yes I would :slight_smile:

This is the only control panel that is designed / programmed the way I would have done it myself. If I didn’t already have my web dev business I would probably be harassing them everyday for a job :slight_smile:

I don’t have any questions.

And, sorry for the thing I posted.

It seemed (to me) that some users were losing trust on you. (remember some guy (r-n-r?) queried about decrease of posts on the forums recently and I also realized that) And also, things like many threads not being answered. You could have explained about the situation earlier (like you did just now).

And, Chris made a post after a long long gap! :slight_smile:

Hope all goes well to you guys.

I think I’ve been using Nocworx as part of my dedicated server package. Is it true that Nocworx is already in use by some hosts perhaps as a beta?

If so, then as far as I can tell it’s a nice, simple and clean system to manage one’s hosting account and basic server details, such as remote-rebooting.

The design has gotten an overhaul since I last used it, which is just one of the improvements I’ve seen improvement over the past 9 months, so keep up the nice work!

And yes, the link at the bottom does go to so I guess that confirms it.