nodeworx not opening + server sending error messages


One of my Interworx VPs installs (1) stopped conneceting to SSH. (2) Stopped opening nodeworx, just lands to an empty page. (3) Sending me 100s of emails with this matter “./iworx.pex: line 4: /dev/null: Permission denied”

We have not noticed any change or tweak on the server, The VPS is on a less overbooked node,

Sireworx is working fine.

Please give the solution.


“[SIZE=1]Cron <iworx@[SIZE=2]vps91[/SIZE]> cd /home/interworx/cron ; ./iworx.pex --fively”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]This is the subject of the email despatched.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]or sometimes :[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][SIZE=1]Cron iworx@vps91 cd /home/interworx/cron ; ./iworx.pex --hourly

or sometimes:

[SIZE=1]Cron <iworx@vps91> cd /home/interworx/cron ; ./iworx.pex --fifteenly

Your best bet would be to open a support ticket :slight_smile:


I am in touch with my vendor from where i bought the license.

But i want to see a fast resolution.

[SIZE=4]Interworx staff please respond.[/SIZE]

The nodeworx page was once shown, But as soon as i filled in login info, It landed to no page, Just nothing but a clean page.

I am constantly receiving 100 emails each hour with “./iworx.pex: line 4: /dev/null: Permission denied” matter

and title name is as written in post 2 of this thread.


It sounds like either a permissions problem, or a vps config problem, but we can’t guess which or how to fix it just based on that information.

You can open a support ticket with us directly if you like, and provide the root login information for your vps and we’ll see if we can figure out what is going on.


Thanks for the reply,
Ticket is:

Please note that SSH doesnt responds, I tried to restart the VPS, sshd, iword daemon from the VPS control panel.

Constantly receiving “./iworx.pex: line 4: /dev/null: Permission denied” emails.

Also received this email now :
./iworx.pex: line 4: /dev/null: Permission denied
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php(41): DB Error: connect failed

/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDebug.php debug_printstacktrace (275)
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php debug_die (41)
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php db_connect (447)
/usr/local/interworx/include/siteworx/SiteWorx.php db_connect (1404)
/usr/local/interworx/cron/iworx.php getidlist (210)
/usr/local/interworx/cron/iworx.php iworx_bandwidth (109)
/usr/local/interworx/cron/iworx.php iworx_fively (68)
/usr/local/interworx/cron/iworx.php iworx (42)