Nodeworx plugins and "problem detector"


I might be blind, but i’ve looked in the “Plugin Developer Guide” and the “NodeWorx API Controllers” documentation pages and I can’t find my answer…

Related to the topic ClamAV daily update fail, I was wondering if we can create custom “System Monitors” with a plugin?
(Refs: Controller: /nodeworx/notice and Controller: /nodeworx/health)


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Hey Vince–

Sorry, I read this topic a while ago and meant to double check my first assumption and then got called away to other things and apparently never returned.

A plugin would not be able to edit something like the Health Checkers directly, but an enterprising person could probably set up something similar using the API via the cron and a menu option/page of it’s own.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

Would it be an option to ask to get access to the “alert”/“messaging” system for plugins?

Let’s say I build a plugins to add a way for the enduser to manage cloudflare DNS through the portal and I would like to add a “sensor” to alert the enduser in case the domain got disconected from cloudflare.

It would be nice to be able to use the same page (/siteworx/notice) to manage all the possible alerts like the “SiteWorx Storage Limits” or “SSL Certificate Nearly Expired”. It would also standardise the emails received for the user :slight_smile:

Sure, it never hurts to ask. I can submit a feature request for that ability. Having said that, it’s not something we’ve ever granted in the past, even for commercial plugins, as it requires direct access to the InterWorx Database. It looks like it would take a large amount of re-engineering to allow access to something like that in a controlled/safe way, if doing it in a safe way were achievable at all.

Not trying to be a downer, just trying to set expectations and let you know that this likely isn’t something that we can hammer out in an afternoon of coding.