Nodeworx Session History

Session history in Nodeworx does not seem to work as well as it used to, let me try and explain.
Go to Nodeworx - session history
list of separate user sessions.
click on view sessions of one of the sessions in the list.
Now shows you list of actions
click on View Details of one of the actions.
The list of actions shown is every user action of all users of Nodeworx/Siteworx.
This is were Version 7 differs to version 6

Version 6 when clicking details of one particular user session would only show the action of that user, not everyone.
Version 7 Its one long list of every user.
Search does not seem to work either.
thank you


I’m sorry, but I’m not 100% certain what page you’re referring to. Can you provide a screenshot? Or, better yet, submit a ticket so I can see what you’re seeing on your server? My test server may not be a good comparison since it’s only me using it.

Edit–I just realized you’re talking about the Session History plugin. I always forget that exists because, honestly, no one really uses it, lol. I 100% need for you to please submit a ticket, because it will be impossible for me to see what you may be reporting on my test server, as, not only is there only one user, that plugin has not been enabled.


yes you are correct the session history plugin, should have stated that.

sorry away from my server at moment but what i am experiencing can be viewed on your own public interworx demo server

As i explained previously. (example)
go to nodeworx - session history
list of nodeworx and siteworx actions shown.
click on view sessions under siteworx

Click on a session that has multiple actions, in this example 3 actions.

the list of actions will show all siteworx accounts user actions, in this example over 200

On the old version 6 it would show only the action of the one user.
always found it useful if you needed a quick way to track a siteworx users actions.

Search does not work any more either.

No big issue but though i would point it out.

Thank you


Thanks for the info. That demo server isn’t actually real, so it’s not super useful, but I’ll see what I can do about reproducing on a test server and submit a ticket if required.


if not i will post submit a ticket with remote access
thank you