Nodeworx/siteworx with youtr OWN SSL certificat


I have a CA SSL certificat and I wanted /nodeworx and /siteworx use this certificate.

Like this it won’t give anymore warning to users telling the certificate is not signed !
(in the new IE7, the brower recommand to not enter the website, and it might confused a lot of clients)

My SSL cert is for only one subdomain which is

So I wanted that all or use this certificate and not warn about a ssl problem

It’s pretty simple to do this !

In the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ add these lines in the <VirtualHost> section just before </VirtualHost>

ProxyRequests Off
SSLProxyEngine On
ProxyPass /siteworx
ProxyPassReverse /siteworx

ProxyPass /nodeworx
ProxyPassReverse /nodeworx

Now every{siteworx} requests won’t warn about an invalid SSL Certificate and will use my valid SSL certificate !!!


Would this be over written when IW3 comes out? Or any version of IW as for as that goes.