NS records not getting added


Just in case you guys didn’t know, but there may be a problem with the dns zone template. I was having problem with a domain where email wasnt working and upon investigation I found that the ns record for the primary name server was missing. I also found that about half the sites setup on that interworx box has missing primary NS records. Ended up having to go through and add them manually.

Am is supposed to restart tinydns everytime I make zone changes similar to bind? service djbdns restart?


I can’t recreate this bug John. If you add a SiteWorx account right now does it only setup 1 NS record on the zone?

Regarding restarting, you don’t have restart tinydns. It automatically re-reads the data file when it changes.


I just thougt I’d chime in here and say that I don’t have this problem either. I checked when I created a SiteWorx account AND by just adding a DNS zone from NodeWorx.