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I believe the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself” stands true. I asked one of my assistant admins to install NW on one of our VPS servers and he managed to create a VPS and install it on the hardware node’s IP address. Needless to say I was on the phone with Virtuozzo for about 4 hrs getting the server back online. It’s now online and the hardware node now has IWorx all over the place. Can someone tell me where all of the modules are so I can clean the box up? I’ve already gone through and purged the cron jobs.


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Your post looks very similar to previous posts which later turned into spam posts (not saying you will do same, but post is exactly same text)

I would strongly advise you reload your distro from scratch and install IW-CP to a clean system. You could very quickly reload your VPS using your VPS control panel (I believe most VPS providers have this facility on their VPS control panel)

If you read the install instructions, it states to install on a clean distro

If you prefer to try to clean the current distro, you would need to open a support ticket as it could potentially become very messy and very time consuming

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I’m not sure what you mean, specifically, by “modules”, but I second John’s suggestion to start again from scratch and install InterWorx on a clean, vanilla VPS/OS. If you run into any issues, we can definitely help you out at support.interworx.com. :slight_smile: But without knowing the extent of what you mean by “has IWorx all over the place”, there isn’t a lot that we would be able to troubleshoot via the forum. :frowning:

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Take a look at the yum log at the period of time Interworx was being installed. Remove the associated rpms after making sure there not something you need. Careful when it comes to dependencies. After that is done let me know what you see in