old hostname in ssl cert list

How can one remove the old hostname from before hostname change from the list of certs in the ssl section /nodeworx/ssl?
How can one make the new hostname appear in the ssl section?

Hi ntrwrx

The easiest way to do this I think, is to create a siteworx account for the new FQDN hostname, generate a new LE SSL, then goto nodeworx, server settings, SSL, click on web server SSL, click use domain and select the hostname just created. Change all SSL to use same and set to SSL restart, then click save

Many thanks


Yes, it worked! Thx!

What I learned under way was:

if you forget to allow ssl in the package for this account, then changing package and hard reload did not work, had to delete the account, then recreate with changed package

LE cert would time out, b/c CAA record was missing, found in logs (thx to interworx panel showing a hint = good!)

CAA record ‘how to’ found here: https://support.dnsimple.com/articles/caa-record/

check new cert here: https://crt.sh

Thank you so much John! Very happy this problem did not necessitate reinstall of server!