Ooops - Apache data not appearing

I goofed, but I don’t know where. My Apache Server Info, Status, Modules and Options are all empty and blank. I had just installed eAccelerator. I restored the original httpd.conf and php.ini files to no avail.

The functions all seem to be working, I just lost the ability to monitor them in Interwrox.

What did I mess up? I am new to Linux and sometimes type old Dos commands instead of what I am supposed to. There is also two httpd.conf files, which takes precedence?

Woa is me.

Is there a problem with eAccelerator and Interworx? Or is it something else I did? Do I need to uninstall eAccelerator?



There’s no incompatibilty with eAccellerator and InterWorx-CP as long as you installed it on the system PHP and not IWorx-CPs. Which file(s) did you edit to install the software? What are the permissions on /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf?


Thanks, I just changed the permissions to 777 and that did the trick.

! Van


I wouldn’t do 777 as all folks on the box could edit the file, which is bad. The default should be:

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 36670 Nov 10 23:30 httpd.conf

Which is root:root owned and 644 permissions.


Thanks Chris,
I figured as much. It was just a temp fix.