Optimization work with MySQL

Dear all!

I am stuck in a situation where MySQL greatly slows down the server.

Mysqltuner utility Recommendations only aggravate the situation. The author of the script and I do not change anything in it. I read somewhere that if two users are working with the database, it turns out much better than one? Is it true?

Hi pritimujumdar

Welcome to Iw forums

In order to try and help you on the forums, we need more information

What distro, Iw-cp and MySQL are you using

Is it vps or dedicated and what are the server specs, cpu, ram hard drives etc

Have you checked top to see what resources are been used

Have you checked MySQL stats

If recently upgraded MySQL, have you run the update schema from ssh

Are there any errors in MySQL log

These answers would help forum users understand your setup better and offer their thoughts

Many thanks