Option for Litespeed webserver?

I have heard very good things about Litespeed server, and many web hosts are switching to increase performance.

Are there any limitations in allowing an Interworx to ‘switch’ between Litespeed and Apache? Is there any viable reason this has not been done?

I am not saying you should add it, but merely just seeing if it is on a roadmap and if other people would like it?

It is on the roadmap. We hit a snag with the way they track bandwidth use, which is a bit of a bummer for most shared hosting environments, but I think Paul is working it out with them.

At the moment, we’re focusing on a few major new features for HostingCon (July 19th) so I know that Litespeed has been put on hold for the moment, but it’s definitely coming.


Excellent. It is expensive but as hosting providers increase users it actually saves them buying new hardware thus increasing profits.

I am continually impressed with Interworx, you’ve come a long way in the past few years. Well done.