OS Updates?

I just noticed in software updates, theres 2 to enable now instead of 1. OS Updates and Interworx Updates. The OS Updates was disabled.

Now in past, wasnt there just one to enable that handled both? Any negative issues enabling OS Updates as well?


Yep, we split it into two different processes with the 4.0 release. We did this mainly because servers with “modern” repos (I’m looking at you, dag and Atomic) often have conflicts, which were preventing InterWorx updates from applying as well.

Depending on your OS + repo configuration, one negative possibility is backwards compatibility changes popping up by surprise. With the CentOS defaults, though, they’re very very conservative about updates, so it should be pretty safe. If you have PHP 5.1, and the repo upgrades to 5.3, well, there might be some issues with client code.

Overall, I’d say it’s a good idea to have enabled, and just disable any “extra” repos and use them to install specific packages as needed.


Hey Tim, Thanks for the clarification!