OScommerce Server Load?

I have a client that is using shared hosting now and are unhappy. I don’t want to put them on my shared hosting b/c one of the 3 sites gets over 200k in unique visits a month and is about 350 GB of BW.

I’m looking at getting a basic dedicated box Sempron 3000+ with 1 gig of ram.
There will be another site on there with about 10k unique visits and only 15GB of transfer.

I dont have experience on how much load OScommerce would put on a server with that kind of traffic, but I think if it was able to work on a shared host then it should be okay.



It depends on if all the request are for static or dynamic files, etc.
How is the database setup, how big is it, etc.

I mean, 200,000 a month is not that big. It is at peak traffic going to be ~10 request per minute, which a shared server should be able to handle without issue if setup and maintained properly.

The key is going to be the MySQL requirments, and what type of disk I/O you have now. I mean a Sempron 3000+ would be overkill for the site.

If you have any question or need help, let me know and I will be glad to help.

Yeah, I’ve decided to go with this setup which can be easily upgraded with more ram and a 3500+ AMD64 if needed.

Thanks for the reply.