I have oscommerce running on a few sites that are being moved to the new server with interworx. The first one I moved has reported a problem with not receiving the email confirmations for orders.

The only two options for oscommerce are sendmail and smtp.

Sendmail does not work, should it be set to smtp?

On a custom PHP shopping cart/application for restaurants I developed I use SMTP connection for sending emails. I use the SMTP Pear class and it works great. I just connect to localhost, so it’s basically like using sendmail, but indirectly.


Either / both should work fine. I’d check to see if the messages are in the outbound queue (use /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qread) and I’d also test on an email account that you have access to do verify delivery (or non-delivery).


Chris, I did some testing. The sendmail option does not work for some reason. I will get an order sent to the person doing the ordering, but the second copy that is supposed to go to the store admin notifying them of the order does not get sent to them when sendmail is set.

Setting it to smtp it works fine…

Wierd eh?