Outbound webmail limiting?

I need to be able to limit outbound messages both in total volume as well as number-per-timeframe per-sender for obvious spam reasons. My plan for outbound smtp is postfix with policyd, since as I understand it at least, qmail has no way to limit messages-per-timeframe.

My plan for webmail was to use the plugins provided for each client - I found docs or plugins for all 3, and have experience with squirrelmail’s plugin. I can’t find anything in the docs about a gui interface for configing webmail. When I ran conf.pl to enable some include but not enabled plugins for squirrelmail, I managed to blow up squirrelmail. I need to know how I’m supposed to interface with the webmail clients when admining iworx.

I really hope we’re not expected to only use approved plugins and not add further functionality via standard webmail plugins. Outbound limits are an absolute, drop-dead, deal-breaker must for us.

Also, if anyone happens to know a better way to interface policyd with the database of iworx users than saslauthd+rimap, I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:

Well, manually editing config.php for squirrelmail seems to work fine. This works for me, assuming that changes made to config files manually don’t cause breakage elsewhere.

Is this a strange or difficult to answer question? I’ve sent two messages to sales with this question, and have posted here as well - no answer in all cases. I’d have thought this was a standard issue people faced, with usual guidelines.

I dont think so, normally they dont bother to Answer. I also submit same query in 2 different forum. No Ans at all.

Actually, in a recent release, they did add limits, but with static values of their own choosing. Hopefully in an upcoming release they provide a frontend for changes. Personally, I’m fine with changing configs on my own, but don’t want to have to fix things up every time there’s an update.


  • Squirrelmail upgraded to 1.4.22
  • Added a number of anti-spam measures in webmail applications.
  • Squirrelmail [LIST]
  • Limit messages to 20 recipients or less
  • Limit users to 100 sent e-mails per day.
  • Horde/IMP
    • Limit messages to 20 recipients or less
    • Limit users to 100 sent e-mails per day.
    • Require users to verify alternate sender identity e-mail addresses before adding them to their webmail config.
  • Roundcube
    • Limit messages to 20 recipients or less
    • Now requires at least 90 seconds to pass before a second e-mail can be sent.
    • Added "blockspamsending" plugin, which prevents sending of duplicate e-mail contents in the same roundcube session.
    • Added "dnsbl" plugin, which prevents blocks knowning spammer ips from using roundcube via Dns blacklists.
    • Added "log_sender" plugin, which adds a header to every message sent via roundcube indicating who the authenticated user is.
  • What exactly must be writen in config files. I cannot find settings.
    Please post correct files and parameter names.

    That’s not possible to do w/o writing a book-sized post, and I only claim to be familiar with squirrelmail, so I have quite a bit of work/learning to do in this area as well.

    All 3 webmail packages use different files and have different options you can use, and some of them require plugins to enhance or remove functionality. Any changes you make to these files will possibly be overwritten during updates, so you’ll also need to script something up to alert you to changes or simply automatically revert changes made. Hopefully, in a future build there will be user controls available.

    Even after all of that, the 3 packages have no communication between each other, so once one is triggered, all a spammer needs to do is use one of the others until it triggers, and so on, making limiting less effective. TBH, I’m considering offering only a single webmail client as a way to simplify this.

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