Package Name Displayed on Siteworx Control Panel

I would like to see the Package Name that is set up in NodeWorx to be displayed some where on the entrance Page of Siteworx.

Something to the effect “Your Current Hosting Package is: XYZ”

And if you wanted to take this one step further in Nodeworx when one sets up a package right under “Package Name” field put a “Package URL” so the Admin can make the Package Name showing in Siteworx linkable to any URL. Of course make the Package URL optional. If nothing in it the Name wouldn’t be linkable.

The way I personally would use this would allow my customer to click to link to a package comparison page over at my hosting site, And thus allowing a easy route to upgrade their package if they wished to do so.

Anyone else think theis would be a good idea?

I think it’s a good idea but the only problem is package changes. Do we still link to the base package if an admin manually updates any of the features? I’ve thoguht of putting this in before but it’s never really come up due to this and other minor issues.



Well of course this could all be an Admin option if the admin wanted to use it, take it one step further. On the NodeWorx panel when setting up a new package, offer to display the Package Name as described in the Siteworx panel, with a yes or no option.

As for as changing package names I don’t see a problem unless Nodeworx has a limit of how many packages can be created. If the Admin did change the name of the package I am sure the Admin would inform the customer of the change. This would really fall more into 1) Do I a want to use this feature 2) If I do use it how will I use it to benefit my business the most. Basically a Admin decision, not a Interworx decision.

In fact one idea is to set up special HTML pages that you would link to to allow your customer to upgrade easily. But I am sure others would have other ideas on how to use the feature that would benefit their business.

In fact lets add one more step to this, on the Package Management page in Nodeworx at the top:

Package Name: ___________________
Display Package Name in Siteworx Yes___ No ___ (default No)
Give URL if you wnat Package Name Linkable (optional):_________________________
If you prefer a Custom Text for the Linkable Package Name add it here (optional):___________________________

The custom text could be used, instead of using the default “Your Current Package is: XYX” (or what ever it would be) the Admin could change the the Link to read:
Your Package is XYZ, Click to Upgrade your Package

Then the customer would be taken to a special HTML page the Admin made up some where to sell a upgrade.

Of course it Could also be used to redirect the Customers to How To Videos as well, it would be up to the admin on 1) If he/she wanted to use it 2) How they wanted to use it.

Of course I dont know about the back end problems to get this to work.


I want this option too…