Package option to disable local maijl

When creating a package there are options to disable backup, CGI, etc. Can there be one added to disable local email delivery by default Yes or No?

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Yes, nodeworx plug-ins disable local email

If disabled, this only applies to new siteworx accounts created and not any existent siteworx accounts

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I’m not following how to do this? And can it be done per site package or by reseller?


There is not currently a package option to disable local delivery per-siteworx account, correct. I can create a feature request for that ability, but I have no guarantees or ETA.

What John is referring to, is there is a plugin in NodeWorx, under NodeWorx > Plugins, called “Disable Local Delivery”. If this is enabled, all newly created SiteWorx accounts on the server will have local delivery disabled by default.

When you create a new SiteWorx account, there will be an option at the bottom as to whether you want to enable local delivery for that account.


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