Parked domains and email forwarding

Afternoon guys,

We have a client who currently has a parked domain through SiteWorx set up to redirect to one of their other domains.

They’d like mail sent to this domain to be redirected to the other domain. Not being too familiar with how many levels the parking feature works on, I thought I’d inquire as to the best way to accomplish this.

Basically, right now, with the standard domain parking feature:

HTTP requests for are redirected to

This works great and is exactly what they want. What they’re looking for, as far as email goes, is somewhat similar:

Mail for forwards to

If it’s easier to just forward * to *, that’s fine as well.

Any suggestions or protips would be most appreciated. I completely understand if this description is terribly unclear, and will be happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:



As long as is added as a pointer domain on the account for, then automatically and by default, any email sent to is sent to


That’s awesome. Thanks for the info!