Password protected directory - How To

Can someone step me through the process of setting up a password protected directory through the Interworx control panel.

(I’ve tried Fileman/protect and the Siteworx Directory Options Management and, even though I was able to create a .htaccess file, I still don’t know the process of making it password protected. Also, if it’s in the Siteworx online “manual”, I certainly can’t find it. :confused:)

Thanks for your help.


Well, the lights finally came on when I finally noticed that there is a response at the very bottom of the page that changes according to the “Tools” selection at the very top of the page. Now that I know this, I feel quite silly, but it took me a couple days to see this simple thing. (There still should be a manual IMHO! We’re not all geeks…some of us are just geek wanna-bees) :wink:

For anyone else who can’t quite figure it out, here is the “How To”…

How to Password Protect a Directory using File Manager (FileMan):

  • Step 1: Login to your Siteworx Control Panel
  • Step 2: Click on "[B]File Manager[/B]" (currently located near the very bottom of your Control Panel selections)
  • Step 3: Navigate [I]into[/I] the directory (folder) you want to password protect. [I][U]Note[/U]: You must actually be [B]inside[/B] the directory. I initially thought that clicking on the button to the left of the folder would tell FileMan that I had selected it to password protect, but it doesn't work that way. When you see the directory you want to password protect, [B]click on it [/B]so that you are [B]inside it[/B]. You can verify that you are inside the directory by looking at the very top of the page. You should see...[/I]

    FileMan: root: /the/path/to/and/including/your/folder

  • Step 4: Near the top of the page, you will see [B]Tools: Search | Replace | Upload | New File | New Dir | Protect | Prefs[/B] Click on "Protect"
  • Step 5: Look at the very [B]bottom[/B] of the page, you will see...

    Protect /the/path/to/and/including/your/folder directory.
    User name:______ Password:______ Add User

    … and fill in your desired username and password, then click on “Add User”

  • Step 6: You have just password protected your directory. It will show up at the very bottom of the page. If you made a mistake, you can easily delete it by clicking on the "Remove" button to the right of your new entry.