Pbm with /var/qmail/bin/sendmail ?


I use perldesk, and one of his functionality doesn’t work.
The perldesk support asked me if me outgoing mail using sendmail (not smtp) works ?

So I’ve done some tests with /var/qmail/bin/sendmail but apparently I can’t send an email.

How to use sendmail ? there is no man or sendmail --help

Thanks for your help



The /usr/lib/sendmail and /usr/sbin/sendmail sendmail emulators should work but they just symlink to the path you mentioned. I’ve never had a problem with it (even with perldesk) Pascal, are you getting any errors at all from perldesk?


Well in fact for me it seems to work, as all confirmation mails from perldesk are sent without any pbms. The only problem I have is when I “log a request” from Perldesk directly (from webdesk). It doesn’t send an email to the client and/or the creator of the request.

The support asked me if I use smtp or sendmail with perldesk and if my outgoing mails worked fine (I use sendmail). For me they do.

But, to test if everything is ok, is it possible to send an email from the command line directly using sendmail ?


sendmail -t [email]you@address.com[/email]

Hit <ctrl-d> after running that command to send a blank message to the address.


Thanks Chris

As I thought, sendmail work fine. So it should be a Perldesk pbm for this option (everything else in perldesk work fine :slight_smile: )

Thanks again