Percentage of Disk usage

Maybe IW can add a column showing Percentage of disk usage. So that we can easily see which domains are near or over quota.

Well, I am assuming you mean the SiteWorx account manager in NodeWorx?

If so version 4.7 does have this capability. It has the following columns as seen in the attached screen shot below.

This doesn’t show the percentage used. it only shows the amount of disk space used. Purpose of the Percentage is for example, I have 3 different plans (200MB, 400MB, 600MB).
Sample usage:
domain#1: 199MB / 200MB
domain#2: 210MB / 400MB
domain#3: 401MB / 600MB

In the current Siteworx Account Manager, if you sort it on the Storage column, the order would either be Domain#1, Domain#2, Domain#3 OR if reverse sorted Domain#3, Domain#2, Domain#1.

But what if I wanted to see which domain is over or near the quota? If this feature is present, then I would get: Domain#1 = 99.5% usage, Domain#3 = 66.83%, Domain#2 = 52.5%

this way, if I have lets say 1000 domains in my system, I can easily see which domains are near/over their disk allocation quota.

Ah OK, misread your first post. Yeah at a quick glance that would be useful.