Permissions and insecure FTP for uploading to public_html

I’ve tried for awhile to configure permissions correctly for insecure FTP to the public_html. The terminal that I am typically on doesn’t have access to anything but basic FTP.
I can connect, but if I try to upload / change anything in public_html, I get a 550 error.
I’ve tried to restore my proftpd.conf to stock - but I still can’t get it. I can upload to ~/ just fine. I tried changing ftp user / group to apache / apache, but that didn’t get it either.

SFTP works fine. How can I get basic ftp to work? Also, I don’t have apache execing as users, just as apache.

Oh, it looks like I’ve borked some of the permissions on /home too. “Directory /home is not owned by iworx-pma” when I try to load phpmyadmin now.

If you like, I’d recommend creating a support ticket so we can see what’s going on –