permissions error

Here’s what Ive done.

Old Server - Running Plesk - Zip site folder
Interworx Server - Create Site - Upload Zip - UnZip

Here’s the problem
Navigate to site, can only see the homepage, - layout is good, but none of the graphics are visible. All other pages claim to 403 Forbidden as do the images on the homepage
All the permissions on all the files and folders are the same, even for the homepage

Not sure where to start looking now :frowning: Any advice will be much appreciated

Should add, there is no DB for the site, its GRAV Flat File CMS

Hi rich

Good question

I suspect your correct and permission maybe correct but I suspect the user is wrong as it’s from a zip

The easiest way, as it’s Friday night here and I’m having a drink before retiring to bed, is to access via FTP, then check perms for uid etc, and setting all files/folders the same

I think it should be Apache/iworx user or it could be iworx/iworx

I’ll check tommorow as it’s late here if alright, but it does sound like wrong user access on files

Many thanks


Hi John

I now have a bigger problem … Interworks appears to be dead, SYSTEM PROBLEM … all I did immediately before was add a new user and a DB to try migrating a Joomla site …

But if memory serves, both User and Group were the same, and had were different from the other server. They were all the same as the auto generated files in the site folder

Have a good night - (I’m working through sadly)

Hi rich

Ooh no, that doesn’t sound good

When you say dead, do you mean Iw-cp or hosting

Iw-Cp uses its own separate files to Apache etc

If it’s Iw, ssh and run sudo or root - service iworx restart

Take note of any failures

Are you on centos 7 or what distro are you using

Are you full dedicated or vps

I appreciate your working through, I’m in uk but if urgent, please open a support ticket with Iw, who are behind uk time, they rock and know there knowledge, but will always explain their findings of your issue

I’ll check tommorow in case you reply tonight, but please could I ask if you could update your post once resolved

I hope that’s alright and hope it goes well tonight

Many thanks


C7, full dedicated,

ive rebooted the server and no change

i’m UK too btw

seems to be serving files to the same point as start of thread, so its just IW thats broken

[root@dedc2001 ~]# service iworx restart
Restarting iworx (via systemctl): [ OK ]
[root@dedc2001 ~]#

Hi rich

Ahh, last post tonight, it’s 11.30pm here, and alcohol kicking in :slight_smile:

Last thought, can you try ssh into server, run as root or sudo, cvspermsfix.pex, I think it’s ~iworx/bin/cvspermsfix.pex

Beyond that tonight, would need more info for tommorow sorry

Many thanks


Hi rich

Ahh, so iw-cp working, so can you try service httpd restart - maybe port 80 locked - but don’t think so as you’ve restated server

Can you try delete the siteworx account, reset it back up and upload files after unzipped folder

I hope that helps a little and I’ll pick this up tommorow if alright or if urgent, open a support ticket with Iw support

Many thanks and have a lovely night


Hi John,

no success - i have a ticket logged with IW Support, but no response after a couple of hours, so posted here

decided to start again with the server so we’ll see how that goes

ok, so now it gets really strange … rebuild all seems ok, rebooted server, and it crashes out :frowning: no ping response.

going to try again with rebuild, just out of box install, no php7 and reboot again and see what happens

update : Centos 7.2, script install -l -u options, install with no errors, reboot - no response from the server … next stop only -l option

update : it works fine until i try introducing sdb1 into fstab and mounting it at /chroot as described in the instructions … sdb1 is a 4tb hdd, so i want the sites and email on there rather than on the OS/Software/MySQL drive which is a 440GB SSD

update - the server has been returned to the supplier, with suspected hardware faults - now got to wait until they can build and assign me a new one - monday morning

Hi rich

Many thanks for the update to your post

Guessing it is one of the below then

Bad raid card
Bad hdd
Server cannot handle 4TB drives (unlikely if new)

I know some of Iw are on holiday, so there maybe a longer delay then normal

It’s in the back of my mind that your server maybe working, but when you added sdb1 into fatab, if you added as ext4, or if it added as ext3. Another user had this which caused Iw to fail

Hopefully, once your server is running correctly hardware wise, it goes smoothly for you, and if it helps, I normally create the drives at install of centos, including chroot, which is then symlinked by IW, but if moving MySQL, please ensure you do this after Iw installed, as Iw install requires defaults and will fail if MySQL symlink to a different drive

I hope that helps and good to hear from another U.K. User

Many thanks


Hi John

I suspect bad drive or raid card, as it is a new server. I was creating drive ext4, mounting to /chroot then installing iw everything was fine and working until server needed reboot :frowning:

Wondering what Monday will bring, I’m going to speed test 2 machines - 2x 4tb hdd only and one same spec as before - if I can get ssd working properly I expect it to be faster though- ssd drive will have MySQL on too - not moving that