Permissions... Oopsies


I needed to manually restore a file for a user that I had backed up. Of course, I screwed it up. Right now I can’t do anything with the files unless they’re all chmodded to 777, which isn’t good.

The user’s name is jamiespe. I’ve tried everything from “chown -R ftp *” to “chown -R jamiespe.jamiespe *”

I would like some help here please.


Are you getting error messages performing some ops? if so what ops and what errors are you seeing? From your post I’m gathering you’re working on the site via FTP and having problems. You can “reset” permissions for the site by going to the site’s domain root directory (/home/<user>/<domain>) and doing:

cd ~jamiespe/<domain>
chown -R jamiespe.jamiespe .
find -type d \-exec chmod 755 {} \;
find -type f \-exec chmod 644 {} \;

That should do it.



Thank you so much. It worked. :slight_smile: