Php 5.2.1

[LEFT]Hi all,

I have an Interworx RC3 running on my fedora core 4 server .
This server is now running php 5.0.4 (latest fedora update in their update site)

After the latest serious security bug found in latest php (<5.2.1 and <4.4.6) i need to update the server to php 5.2.1.

So my question is , can i manually install php or it will be a problem ?

Thanks !


By manual, do you mean from source? We typically recommend building from SRPMs, but in either case, as long as you’re careful, you should be able to upgrade PHP without causing problems with InterWorx.

I will download the original php distrubition (tar.gz) and configure with the default configuration from phpinfo.

I’ve done this too, and it works fine - but I’d recommend finding a SRPM if you can, it makes it much easier in the long run :slight_smile:

RE: php 5.2.1

Hm nice!:slight_smile:

I suppose that this applies also to the apache !

So the results of updating to 5.2.1 …

There was some problem with pcre-5.0.4 . I update to 7 , but then the php has some problem :
“preg_match: internal pcre_fullinfo() error -3”

on some scripts…

So i download the 5.2.2 RC2 and all the problems are fixed…

Just to know if you have the same problem

Thanks for that tip about 5.2.2.

I had installed 5.2 successfully using the SRPMs from steadfast posted on the Iworx forum here . Is there a way to patch their SRPM, or do I need to build it from scratch?

The problem appears at the pcre module of php.

The 5.2.2 is in Prelease Candidate so there is not any SRPM available.
Also ZEND isn’t recognize this as php problem so , there is not any official patch. I just compile and install the latest snapshot and is working for me!