PHP 5.2 upgrade Cent Os5


Is ther any way to upgrade to PHP 5.2.X with Cent OS 5 x64?

i have only sean a link in french , but no info specific for x64

thank you in advanced

Jason Litka has a yum repository for CentOS with up-to-date PHP and MySQL rpms.

One thing to watch for, though - if you install his repo and just do a yum update, you’ll wind up upgrading a lot more than just PHP - he also has updated RPMs for MySQL, Apache, and several others. If you don’t want those as well, you’d need to exclude the package names from the repository with the “exclude=whatever” line in the repo file.

Also, this isn’t officially supported by InterWorx, just so you know. :slight_smile: I use it on my dev box though, and I haven’t had any troubles. Your mileage may vary.

Good luck!



Thanks tim , i will give it a shot, and post the outcome.

thanks for the tip again.

Hope this is of interest…


I’ve recently built php 5.2.6 RPMs for CentOS 5 and put them into a repository here:

They’re technically unsupported, but as far as I know, they do work and should be fine as a drop in replacement for the default php 5.1.6 that comes with CentOS 5. These are built against MySQL 5.0.22, which is the MySQL version that CentOS installs automatically.


If php 5.2 was installed from the iWorx experimental RPM, will the next iWorx update revert back to 5.1? i.e., Do we need to exclude php from the yum config?

From Another Thread…

[QUOTE=IWorx-Paul;15456]Nope, since 5.2 is “newer” than 5.1, it won’t try to update to 5.1 now that you have 5.2 installed.


Got it and thanks.

Hi Tim,
For Interworx I’ll stear clear of outside repos that could affect Apache or PHP but I’m looking at utterramblings for an easier way to install mod_security and other tools that would normally require make/install from tarballs. I’ve never had problems manually installing extras like mod_security but the waters get deeper when I need to remove or replace something. Is one way better than the the other?

The EPEL repo at also looks promising for RHEL and CentOS systems. Ever use that one?