PHP Not Rendering - Fresh install of Interworx


I just installed a fresh version of interworx and the php pages are not rendering, just showing php code. Php info in web services shows php being loaded correctly…

I don’t understand, I have tried both without and it works fine. Some php pages on different folders do work, the directories are set to their proper user:group and home directories are set properly with the s flag and 755.

Is there a script to run to check permissions of the home directories?


Are you using <? ?> instead of <?php ?>; if so, do you have short_open tags set to on in php.ini?

No, actually I was using Codeigniter framework and have in the settings to auto change short tags, asp tags, etc to regular tags before sending to php to render. However, short tags is turned on.


Turned out that the backups I restored from a popular host (thy whom must not be named), included a default htaccess file with an invalid php handler…