PHP Problems!!

I did a ‘yum update’ a while ago which upgraded PHP to 4.11, which I initially thought was a good thing. But now all sites hosted on the server are getting weird PHP errors. I want to know how I can downgrade again to PHP 4.10 that interworx provided? Is there an online link to the packages Interworx provides that I can download and install?

Any help really appreciated!


Figured it out, got the latest PHP from and did an rpm -Uvh --force

Problem fixed! :slight_smile:

Now waiting patiently for the interworx released PHP 4.11 :slight_smile:

Im having the same problem. the system updated to php 4.3.11 and been having weird problems. I would also like to go back down. I understand to a point what ya did but could ya be more exact. I have learned quite a bit but still far from being an expert, LOL.

Download PHP 4.10 and all the other php-* packages you have on your server from (choose from the folder related to your operating system).

To know what packages you need to download from there, do:

rpm -qa | grep php

Once you have your packages downloaded, do:

rpm -Uvh --force php*

Thats should do the trick!

I know I had weird problems with 4.3.10 and IonCube. Paul from Iworx informed in another thread that this was because there was some incompatability. I upgrade the IonCube and everything was back to normal with 4.3.10.

Not sure if this is a similar problem with 4.3.11, but something to check out.

Alright I will give that a try. I don’t know just after php was updated on the 14th all my Mambo sites (its a CMS) weren’t doing some goofie things and sence it was system wide this made the most sence. Guess i will need to turn automatic OS updates off.

If you haven’t reverted back it I’d be curious to try to investigate what the source of the error is. If you’d like us to take a look at a server having problems w/ 4.3.11, open a support ticket with the server info and we’ll take a look.



Alright paul ill do that.

UPDATE: The interworx people are on the case of php 4.3.11. They did fix my problem and it was working for alittle bit but the next day it wasn’t. But they are getting there :slight_smile:

Good to hear, 'coz for now I have stopped yum from upgrading PHP on my server. Please make sure you post an update here once they have the problem resolved.

im still waiting to hear back from paul to see what he found out. ill be sure to let you guys know.

I just also noticed i havn’t been getting my log watch emails sence last tusday. grumbles. those were nice to have…

Logwatch is a standard Linux utility. A google search should tell you how to set it up again.

PHP 4.3.11 RPMS are up. yum update or use the interworx-cp update utility to grab them.


Thanks guys! Saved me hours of problems :slight_smile: I updated and everything is just fine.

I’m curious, what was it that caused the problems houndbee and wolfradio had?


The root cause was that fedora 3’s PHP was compiled with a different regex lib (not the built-in one like the iworx PHP uses) and there were some issues apparnelty with the preg_* functions because of it.

Paul and I are a little perplexed since it shouldn’t really make a difference since the PCRE libs were installed on all said systems. Regardless it did cause problems with some apps.


Very strange indeed.

Fedora is really borring… there is always compatibility pbm, for this reason I migrated all my boxes on CentOS 3.4 and have never had comptability pbm again.