php4 and php5, suPHP


I wonder if some of you have already installed PHP4 with PHP5 on the same box using suPHP ?

My idea is :

  • Keep php4 as module (like it is by default)
  • Install php5 as CGI and use suPHP with it

If all tests will be fine, then maybe we’ll go with php4-cgi/php5-cgi and suPHP for both

We’d like to install php5-cgi from RPMs. (we’ve tried to update the php5 src.rpm of interworx but we had some errors). We think to install php5 in /usr/local/, link the php5-cgi in /usr/bin and have tghe conf file in /etc/php5/

If you know a src RPM easly updatable to do this, or if you have already done this (install php5 in cgi with an already installed php4 and suPHP) then we’ll be very happy to have some helps/advises from you