PHP5/MySQL5 in CentOSPlus repository

We stumbled over the CentOSPlus repository the other day, and discovered that it already had PHP 5.0.4 and MySQL 5.0.22 RPMs built. So for those of you using CentOS 4.4 and want to have PHP5 and MySQL5, the simplest way seems to be:

Just be carreful as I tested it on a x86_64 box and it doesn’t work :\

you probably will have to download the src.rpm then edit the ./configure to add


If you do the yum install instead of yum upgrade is it possible to keep PHP4 as well?

I assume its not and that PHP4 will be replaced.

The libraries are stored in the same place on the server by default so yes it will be overwritten. The only way I am aware of to run both versions of php on a server at the same time is to run one of them as a cgi, which is not the default.

We treid those, but the preg_match function ( doesn’t work since the PCRE library isn’t correctly compiled in (non-bundled library suffers from the same problem). Some kind of bug…

I also believe that this php5 isn’t compiled with mysqli support. And it doens’t matter what you do, once you have had php4/mysql4 installed on your system you will see that the Client API version will the old MySQL version (see phpinfo), which was installed before.

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When does interworx plan to support php5 and mysql5?

Maybe when PHP6 and MySQL6 are released :smiley:

Seriously… I don’t know. I hope it’s soon :slight_smile:

Maybe when PHP6 and MySQL6 are released
Even then they will be testing and testing again … :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Seriously… not to blame the iworx guys, just wanted to mention their dedication and accuracy. :slight_smile:

The reason I think they have not done it yet is because many server running Iworx that have hundreds (if not more) clients hosted on the server and PHP 5 could break some scripts. Also, I dont think Iworx guys would want to add a dual PHP support (.php=PHP4 & .php5=PHP5) because then thats just more stuff to keep track of harder to manage. Im sure if there was a perfect clean solution for the dual mode PHP it would be added at some point in the future.

Originally Posted by kipper3d
When does interworx plan to support php5 and mysql5?

We don’t install a specific MySQL version, we leave it with whatever comes with your OS. You are free to upgrade this from source or a binary RPM which you may find in another distro for that OS.

Make that many scripts. As I’m sure everyone here is aware php5 is not 100% backward compatible (not even close).

Perhaps it would help if I gave some background. We went through a period when Iworx 1.7 and 1.8 were current (roughly 1.5 years ago) when we updated both php and mysql regularly in our repos but what we found was that while this pleased some clients, what it mainly did was give us more support tickets to the effect of “Iworx broke my site” etc. and since the prm’s had “iworx” on the end they expected us to fix their problems for them.

We still have many clients running older distros (red hat 9, centos 3, etc) and and older scripts. Even all of the scripts in ScriptWorx have not been verified for php5 support, as far as I am aware. For this reason we leave updating php and mysql to the client.

Kipper3d, you ask when we support MySQL 5 and PHP5, and technicaly we do now (support meaning it will work on an Iworx box) we just don’t provide the rpms or debug problems steming from them. We are reluctant to do so because of the reason stated above. We do however provide some source RPM’s in the experemental repo.

Now all that being said, I know the devs are evaluating all this stuff on an ongoing basis and they are also anxious to take advantage of the benefits of php5, but as usual they don’t want to do so at the expense of the client base.

Hopefully I’ve given you all a broader understanding of the situation as we see it.

Hello Tim,

Sorry for the late reply. I wanted to mention that I understand interworx’s issues regarding php5 and mysql5 and I like the idea of leaving it up to the client.

It is because of this that has allowed me to offer my clients services where I couldn’t with other control panels due to - easy to break - if not compatible.

However - you talk about php5 rpms - can I just compile? what are the requirements if any? I am starting all new servers with php5 - and I am hoping to move away from php4 soon if not now.

Thank you!

InterWorx uses it’s own instance of php, located inside the /usr/local/interworx (symlinked from /chroot/home/interworx) don’t touch that.

As long as you upgrade the main php (/usr/bin/php) you are fine.

We do have some source RPM’s located: which you are free to use or else you can use source or binary rpms from dag or your preferred repository.

EDIT: Here’s the CentOS Plus Repository