phpbb ensim > siteworx

I’m still importing sites into siteworx from ensim but phpbb doesn’t seem to want to work.

even if i edit the config.php and update it with the new database and username and stuff it gives me a cannot connect to databaes error.

PHP Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘config.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /chroot/home/bryceina/ on line 92

Now its probably just as easy to use scriptworx and install a new phpbb. What is the easiest way to import the old data from all the phpbb databases?

Maybe i’m doing something wrong when moving over the sites or editing the config.php file. Has anyone else successfully imported an ensim site with phpbb into siteworx?

Have you confirmed that the mysql user name and password are the same on your interworx server as it was on your ensim server?


That sounds like an include_path issue thegoat. I’d look at:

/chroot/home/bryceina/ on line 92

And see how it’s trying to include config.php as config.php may not be in the include path (which is currently the current directory and /usr/share/pear).