phpBB problem


Well, I had few siteworx account whom had a problem with phpBB. Indeed, when they looked at the user authorisation in the admin panel there was a blank page without any kind of errors.

It’s not ALL account using phpBB but only few ones. As usual they told me that this pbm doesn’t exists on other hosting company.

I’ve looked at everything, but didn’t find the pbm. Then I tried this

php_value ‘mmcache.enable’ ‘0’

and miracle it works again.

Very strange that turck mmcache might be the srce of this pbm, but it is. What I do not understand it why it isn’t with all accounts ?

Anyway, now it works for everybody.

So I would only share with you this. Just in case of …


Were these accounts created on this machine or were they imported? My initial thought would be that the sites were created on box that used the mmcasche. It’s a php accellerator, isn’t it?

Hi Tim,

All my siteworx account are created directly on the box and not imported.

Yes , as I wrote, the pbm comes from the php accelerator turck mmcache
But what is strange is that it is not for all siteworx accounts that use phpBB. For example, at carat hosting we use it, and never had this pbm

Well the most important things yet is to have found one solution. It lets us more time to find the real source of this pbm

Thanks Tim

Hmm, you’ve got me. Are some of them siginifantly older than others (e.g . originally made with much earlier versions of phpbb and upgraded). How about Mods? Are the effected ones using any mods?

Hello guys,

I’m also surprised by this problem don’t showing up for all accounts on the server.

My only thought about this strange thing is that some PHP code could be causing trouble to Turck MMcache. Perhaps that piece of code (even cached) is not being executed for all PHPBB. Makes sense to me.

Althought I’m not using PHPBB, I’m indeed using Turck MMCache with no problems at all on my servers, but I would point out that Turck MMCache is a little “old”, with no manteinance.

It seems that “eaccelerator” is the successor for Turck MMCache, ground up from the same codebase. I’ll be trying it soon on a test server and can publish a HowTo (it will be very similar to installing Turck) on the Hacks forum.

Just to let you know Pascal, perhaps that solves the problem and enables you to cache PHPBB. :slight_smile:



Thanks Juan

Indeed, I"ll have a look at a new php accelerator :slight_smile:

Let us know how is eaccelerator. If I have time, I"ll try it and let you know


Please post your results guys so we can get this into iworx-cp at some point too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I use the free IonCube PHP Accelerator and it works fine. Not sure how much faster my scripts load, but no problems so far. I know Iworx uses the main IonCube software (non-free stuff) for accelerating and more importantly encrypting their PHP files (probably a good idea since you compile PHP on the fly from source).

Ok; so I’ve done some tests

eaccelerator works fine, and now I didn’t have any phpBB problems

As I didn’t find any RPM with the last version of eaccelerator : 0.9.3 and for PHP 4.3.11 I have created my own RPM and src.rpm.

The rpm is for centos 3.x and you may find it here :

You may recreate your own rpm with the src.rpm that you may find here

as usual recreate your own rpm for your distrib with :

rpmbuild --rebuild --with yourdistrib php-eaccelerator-4.3.11_0.9.3-0.1.cos3x.src.rpm

Hope it might help some of you


Glad to see eaccelerator solved your PHPBB caching problems, Pascal :slight_smile:

Thanks for the RPMs. Anyway I’ve already tested an “installation from sources”. Compilation was OK and, as expected, it was like Turck MMCache. I haven’t tested any production scripts of mine, but knowing that PHPBB works in your case it’s really nice about eaccelerator :slight_smile:

There is something magic in this forums :cool: