phpMyAdmin switching between SiteWorx Accounts

Not sure if this is a bug or just a glitch on my browser, but I had phpMyAdmin open on a SiteWorx account and then exited that SiteWorx account and entered a different account.

When clicking the phpMyAdmin link I was taken to the first accounts phpMyAdmin. I then clicked the “exit” link in phpMyAdmin. After doing that when I clicked the phpMyAdmin link in current SiteWorx account it opened correctly.

Not sure if there is a way to automatically close the phpMyAdmin session when logging out of the SiteWorx account.

NOTE: this was going into different SiteWorx accounts via NodeWorx

It’s a sessions thing. You’ve got to click the little exit/logout icon in phpmyadmin. We’ve already got this one in the bug tracker but I’m not sure what can be done for it.

There is no way you could have the logout for siteworx kill that phpMyAdmin session cookie?