Please remove simple scripts from interworx

For whatever reason I am unable to post in the “feature request” section of the forums.

Please remove SIMPLESCRIPTS from Interworx as quickly as possible.

There seems to be a complete lack of any discussion on the forums about this, but SimpleScripts is no more, it’s MOJO Marketplace and they aren’t allowing hosts:

[h=3]SimpleScripts is now the MOJO Marketplace. Unfortunately we are no longer taking any new host sign ups at this time. If you would however like to be notified when begin accepting host signups again please submit a request to MOJO Marketplace[/h]

Thank you.

Hi Jericho

I know interworx are aware of this and it has been posted about previously, but there are a few considerations first, as a lot of users may use simplescripts, who do hold a key for, myself included.

You can switch it off by nodeworx applications I think from memory and not make available to resellers etc when setting packages, or manually editing the siteworx account.

I hope that helps a little, and you can use softalusious

Many thanks


I did have a key for SimpleScripts, for whatever reason it was revoked. All I get is the page that says they are not giving out new accounts.

Hi Jericho,

The Feature Request part of the forums has been replaced by the Ideas section of our website – – feel free to post any feature requests there!

SimpleScripts was purchased by Mojomarketplace, and since then they have not accepted new hosts. However, if you remove the API key and Host Key in your SimpleScripts settings in NodeWorx, it should default to the general InterWorx account, and you should be able to use it to install new services.

Can you give that a shot and let me know if it works for you?


That never worked in the past.

Looks to be working now.


I disagree, it’s a nice part of InterWorx and I’ve never heard of them until I started using InterWorx myself, and I also noticed they aren’t accepting new sign ups, however there will always be customers of InterWorx who use it and have an account so it wouldn’t be fair on them. There’s always Softaculous who keeps adding more scripts to their list.

This is a subject that has seen quite some heated debate!

You’re right in that SimpleScripts in its current form is now dead. The product has been purchased by MojoMarketplace, as stated above, and doesn’t accept new registrations.

It is, however, still working for those who already have keys. Therefore it should remain in place for the time being.

We, for example, still have a key for it; and choose to leave it enabled. It doesn’t appear to be getting updated/maintained anymore, so we do strongly discourage use of it - but it’s to remain available to clients until the transition towards something else is complete.

Like many features in InterWorx, if you don’t want it, you just disable it. No one is forcing you to leave it enabled, and it should not be removed just because a few people don’t use it. You can even remove the plugin if it bothers you that much!

Going forward, we’ve seen that there are two main options available. The first and most obvious is Softaculous. This works, is integrated - job done.

The second is Installatron. Installatron offer two models for our use-case; Server and Plugin.

Installatron plugin was at one point supported for InterWorx, but is no longer. There is still a page on their site with install instructions, but these won’t work - so be careful.

I’ve discussed with the folks at Installatron about any future plans they may have to bring back InterWorx support, and they were not interested. I also broached the idea of making the plugins available for the community to maintain, given that it’s essentially just a big centralized version of server with the plugin pointing to it. This idea didn’t fly either. Seems we have a case of “Can’t cook, won’t cook”.

The other option is Installatron Server. For the typical InterWorx use-case, I’ve been told the pricing will be the same as Installatron Plugin. The only downside is you need to maintain your own on-net server for the product.

Perhaps if more people contact Installatron to register interest in the Plugin product working with InterWorx, we may see another option become available here.


I too was looking at Installatron for they are the only ones that I’ve seen that actually allow you to migrate an installation. After wrestling with a mantis migration for many weeks a migration tool would be a great asset.

Hi mikei

Softaculous allows a migration of installed installation but you may need to pay softaculous for the full server installation key, not the free one. As an example, Wordpress

Hope that helps

Many thanks