I don’t see a plugin repository on the web site. Does that mean they are all included in Interworx ?

If we look here, we can see quite a few of them. Softaculous is interesting me. How does it work ? I just licence softaculous and Interworx install it for me automatically ?

I’m interested in the Cloudflare integration!

Kynao – yes, all the plugins are listed in NodeWorx. To install them, just enable them :slight_smile:
Softaculous is for installing common things like Wordpress, etc – for more info, head here:

AGNXNetworks – definitely give the Cloudflare plugin a try and let us know how it goes!

I will try it when I deploy an interworx server! :wink:

The CloudFlare plugin works REALLY well.

Our clients love it!!

Awesome! :wink:

[QUOTE=hacman;21207]The CloudFlare plugin works REALLY well.

Our clients love it!![/QUOTE]

Thanks! The CloudFlare plugin is one of my personal pet projects. If you have any suggestions be sure to let me know!

Remove the “Plugin currently in beta” text? :stuck_out_tongue:

Might not be finished yet, but it’s sure way beyond beta!!