Point IPv6 address to regular site

I am a bit stumped here - I have IPV6 set up through a tunnel since my ISP doesn’t yet support it. In Nodeworx, it has the AAAA pointing to my IPV6 address that my host provided, but when I call it up via ipv6.example.com, I get the standard Interworx page as if the site isn’t there.

I want to be able to point ipv6.example.com to the main site, but don’t know what I would need to do there to get this done. I saw an example in another post to put another AAAA in the DNS with {domain} and {ipv6} for the IP address. Is this basically doing the same thing as this simple, or would I need something else?

Thanks in advance! :cool:

Hi Medfordite
I am thinking you may not want to change this, as it may be needed for the coexistence of both IPV4 and IPV6 on the same network. Please see links for further reading.
Also, if you look at your DNS records, you should see IPV4.example as well as IPV6.example, which again is why I think it is coexistence of both V4 and V6.


I could be wrong though, sorry, and we currently do not have any IPV6 addresses as yet, but I will be requesting some hopefully this year.
Many thanks

Hi Medordite

Sorry, if I am correct in my last post, I would think one way to achieve your goal would be to use a rewrite rule, but this maybe only short term solution, as you may not want to do this for all sites, and rather I think it may be better treated as the same as referencing the current http://ip.nu.mb.er, where it defaults to a particular site.
Please see this post for an idea on how you might set this up, but please remember, this may not be the best option, and my post above may not be correct
I hope it helps
Many thanks

I actually figured this out last night but am now awake enough to log back in. (New Years Eve Fun! lol).

I had to go to each site’s Vhost file and manually edit it:

I had to add the following:

DocumentRoot /home/www/example.com/html

Servername ipv6.example.com

I then Reloaded Apache and that fixed it.

This basically mirrored the site to the ipv4 site.

This was a work around. It would be nice to have Interworx do this itself and may be missing some setting here, but I didn’t see anything in the front end to do so.

Hi Medfordite

Yes, that would work, sorry I didn’t think of that, I was thinking of server wide rather then individual to save a lot of work if you have a lot of hosts.

You can complete this without manual editing each vhost, please see this link, which is for wildcard setup, but you just need to change * to ipv6, and that should do it. Please remember to do this from the siteworx account, so it is written to the vhost, manually changing your vhost without interworx knowing about it, may cause issues down the line if you forget about the manual input you’ve done.


I hope that helps, but my personal view is it is better to have ipv6.example act the same as the current IP reference does, and show a default website, as it is unlikely someone would use ipv6.example for a reference.

Many thanks