Pointer + domain on other server

It gets complicated…
I’m working on a client’s site. His site is live on his server. My design site is on my server.
With cPanel, it was IPaddres/~name-of-account
But you know this.
I can’t find a way to do it in IWX (I’m a recent convert).
I tried by creating a subdomain of a different domain I own, but when it comes to pointing, if I put in the site’s url, it obviously points me to the client’s live site. I cannot find the way to point to a folder, and do so without using the url.

Hi giray

Many thanks

In interworx, you use server IP address with ~unix name



Now if you have htaccess rules or require https, you may have a failure. True of any hosting platform

The best and easiest way I do this, is to add the domain in the pc host file, flush dns cache and browser cache and bingo, site works as live to the pc even though it is not live

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


Thanks. Understood.

A CNAME record must always point to another domain name and never directly to an IP address. A CNAME record cannot co-exist with another record for the same name.

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