Pointerdomains and email

Hey Guys,

I was wondering. What happens with the email that is send to the pointer domain which you have assigned to a main domain?

Because a customer wants to receive email on 2 different extentions. So xxx.com and xxx.nl. He uses the same adresses on 2 different extentions. So admin@xxx.com and admin@xxx.nl are the same.

Does it work with pointing or should he use 2 siteworx accounts.


Hi John,

Perhaps an example would best explain what happens. Say you have a SiteWorx account with the domain ‘xxx.com’, and you have an email account ‘admin@xxx.com’. Then you create ‘xxx.nl’ as a pointerdomain to ‘xxx.com’. ‘xxx.nl’ essentially becomes an alias for ‘xxx.com’, so any mail sent to admin@xxx.nl will get delivered to the admin@xxx.com email box.

Currently, the only way to separate these email boxes is to create another SiteWorx account for ‘xxx.nl’.

Hope that helps,


thank you for your answer.

It was just the way as you explained now. I just wanted to know what happened with the mail that I send to the pointerdomain. So it’s an alias. That’s all I need to know.