Possible Error Statistics

1 month ago i made an import from another server with nodeworx/siteworx to another with mass transfer and root login.
The import was successfully but when i wanted to see the statistics with webalizer siteworx gave me this error
? 404 - Sorry, we cannot find what you were looking for!
? Unknown Controller: ‘Ctrl_Siteworx_StatsUsage_201110’

AWStats and Analog was ok but only webalizer had a problem.
I thought that was an error with the month statistics file.
When the month changed i went again to see the statistics through webalizer and the problem was the same.
I dont know if this is a bug or something else.

There’s another thread on a similar issue. New server redhat or centos6.x? Take a look at what version of webalizer you’re running, and make sure it’s the one provided by iworx rather than a newer one or one provided by your distro.

Its Centos 6.0 and the Webalizer is 2.21

i saw the requirements and iworx support CentOS 4.x, 5.x

So i have to wait till them updates the iworx to support 6.x

No, you don’t.